Construction Continues on Fairfield Coastline in Aftermath of Sandy

Hurricane Sandy left its mark on the towns of Connecticut’s coastline, particularly towns like Fairfield. The storm crashed onto the shores of Fairfield on October 29, 2012 and left considerable damage in its wake. Homes near Fairfield Beach were left with immense amounts of water damage and repair bills. Now, almost a year later, many homes near the beach are still vacant. A short drive around the neighborhood will reveal that many homes are undergoing new construction to ensure they do not have to endure the same damage again.

The trouble for the homeowners is that the construction necessary to prevent this kind of damage is very costly. FEMA regulations dictate that if a home suffers damage worth more than 50% of the home’s value the house must be raised. Homeowners are undergoing the process of elevating their homes, but at a cost that may be too much for many to handle. Many homes by Fairfield Beach were, and still are, small, single-story homes. With damage valued above the 50% threshold, they need to be elevated, but the cost of doing so outweighs the cost of demolition for many homes. Numerous houses that once dotted the shoreline community may now be demolished instead of raised. Nevertheless, construction is abounding along the Fairfield shoreline as many homeowners are still struggling to recover after Hurricane Sandy hit Connecticut a year ago.